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Launchpad specialises in springboarding small businesses and start-ups.

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Marketing is all about getting your business seen, heard and talked about. Launchpad specialise in helping your business be the topic of conversation for the right people at the right time.

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Design is critical to any business that hopes to stand out from the rest. Launchpad prides itself on its wide range of design skills and services to help you springboard your way to success.

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A digital presence is an essential tool for even the smallest of organisations. Launchpad's development team are experts in their field and specialise in helping you engage and strength relationships with your visitors.

What we do best

We take great pride in our areas of expertise.

Our team works hard to keep at the forefront of the best of marketing, design and development.

Logo Design

Your logo is one of the most critical components in a brand identity and sets the foundation for all branded design work.

Branding & Identity

Establishing a strong brand image and identity ensures that you leave a lasting impression with your customers and stakeholders.

Design & Print

We believe that print is still a vital way for all businesses to get their message across - whether this is stylish letterheads, business cards and comp slips, through flyers, posters, infographics and more!

Social Media Marketing

We can help set up your social media accounts and provide insight on how to increase audience engagement and interact with your customers.

Digital Design & Development

Your business' online presence is your shop window of all marketing material. Our digital design services ensure that your shop window is tailored to your brand, your goals and the insights of your customers.

Web Development

Do you need a whole new website or does your old one need a bit of a re-design? If so we can help! Our team are heavily experienced in all aspects of web design and are equipped with the skills it takes to create an user-friendly and practical website.

We take great pride in helping small businesses grow.

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How we work

An agency designed for everyone.

We understand that it's a busy world out there. We're here to help your small business power through the noise and stand out as the best.

Here at Launchpad, we believe it’s highly important that we understand your brand and dedicate time to understanding your business so we can reflect that in what we create for you. Initially we like to meet with our clients, whether that be face to face, over the phone or video chat to discuss your vision for the project. During this meeting we will take any initial ideas on board then go away and start working on concepts.

We then come back to you with the concepts we’ve worked on and encourage you to give us any feedback or required amendments. After any amendments have been applied, we will produce the final product and present it to you. Throughout the refinement process, our design, development and marketing teams work together to ensure that the finished product is truly harmonised with your original vision.

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